Physical Therapy

Sapiens Physical Therapy offers rehabilitative services for those recovering from surgery, addressing orthopedic injuries, fall prevention, conditioning, recovery post-concussion, and more.

Thorough evaluation, movement analysis, manual therapy, corrective exercises, manual corrections, re-education of movement, re-evaluation are all a part of your care.

We work with and communicate with your insurance company to ensure allowed coverage.

Manual Therapy

Our skilled and highly trained manual therapist utilizes a whole body assessment to determine what is impairing your body’s ability to move at its absolute best. Based on the results of your unique examination, our therapist utilizes a variety of methods such as myo-fascial work, joint mobilization, spinal manipulation, and soft tissue techniques. These methods are all geared toward achieving our common goal: To have your body feel and move its best, so you can go back to doing what you love most.

Corrective Exercise

Our goal is to optimize your movement. We provide you with the exercises you need to continue this process at home. These may consist of individualized mobility exercises, neuromuscular integration exercises, self-mobilization exercises, postural restoration techniques, strength and conditioning work and patient education.

Preventive Care

We know what it’s like to want to push your bodies to the limit. We will never tell you to stop doing what you love unless we find it absolutely medically necessary. Your goal is our goal. Therefore we take pride in also offering preventative care. Meaning, if you have successfully been through a rehab program with us, or you merely want to avoid injury in your sport, job, or hobby, we can help.